How to Change Emirates ID Personal Information ( Mobile Number & Address).

Jan 06, 2021
How to Change Emirates

How to change emirates id personal information ( mobile number & address).


If you’re trying to use EMIRATES ID for any government services, you may require one time password (OTP) to complete the transaction or to register any emirates id integrated portal.

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How to change ? What is the requirement?

1.     Copy of emirates ID.

2.     Copy of your passport & visa page . (Date of birth & passport number is required to enter as per passport).

3.     You should keep/remember exact date of your last entry/arrival to UAE.

4.     AED 52.00 to pay online processing fee. (through debit/ credit card).


How to start the process.

1.     The process through online -  web service .

2.     Ensure using secure internet explorer/ google chrome / safari / Microsoft edge.

3.     Click the ICA link here or copy paster the below link.

4.     Enter the correct information on the table field.

4.1 Current nationality

4.2 Identity number (emirates id number.)

4.3 Name (English)

4.4 Name (Arabic) –  you don’t have to write the name in Arabic, this information will be automatically captured by the portal once you entered English name.

4.5 Passport no. (as per your passport).

4.6 Date of birth ( as per your passport).

4.7 Last entry date ( as per you passport last entry date/ arrival to UAE)

4.8 Email address (ensure you having access to this email address).

4.9 Next, move to mobile number data field, you need to enter your current number. Make the mobile is turned on with cellular range, you will get an OTP to confirm the mobile number.

4.10        Next, move to address info field , if you wish to change your address . Or you can skip and go to next process.

4.11        Click and complete captcha verification.

4.12        Review your application details, click next to proceed with payment .

4.13        You will get an confirmation SMS from ICA.


You will receive a SMS or email informing you that the request has been successfully made and your details updated.


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