About Us

Housekeeping Domestics Workers Services LLC providing services under the direction of Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, and as such we are MANDATED to provide the following :

  1. All government typing services pertaining to the employment and entry visas of domestic and household workers , including but limited to the following :
    • Entry Permit
    • Change of Status.
    • Emirates Identity/ National ID.
    • Government and Medical Insurance.
    • Residency Visa Stamping Application.
    • Domestic Worker Visa Renewal.
    • Domestic Worker Visa Cancellation.
  2. Recruitment and deployment of domestic and household workers as signed under government MOU
  3. Employment and placement of domestic and household workers under the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiritization employment contract.

Housekeeping Domestics Workers Services LLC (TADBEER) located at EQUITI Metro (Exit 2) - Umm Al Sheif, ideally situated off the sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

Opened in March 2018 offering its customers a wealth of experience in recruitment, Full-time Live-in packages and on-demand cleaning services. For the past 10 years Housekeeping Domestics Workers Services LLC. was a premier provider of live-in maids in Dubai, and established the best cleaning company in Dubai, offering bespoke cleaning services and maids in Dubai.

1. Fast Track Visa Service, no waiting with no need to come back and forth for each transaction. We will manage the whole process from start to finish for an extra AED250 Guest Relations keeps in touch through the whole process, and notifies you when the passport has been stamped with your new maids visa renewal. Just go straight to Counter 18 for Fast Track Visa Service to get a new visa, renew or maid visa cancellation.

2. Door-to-Door Maid Visa, a Door-to-Door Maid Visa Service in Dubai, whereby you call us to collect your documents (from your home or office) and process your maid visa renewal, no need to visit the center, and we simply return all documents complete along with a renew maid visa contract and maid visa renewal. Just call 04-706-0111 for collection.